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personal data

  • Rental agreements contain personal information such as the name, driving licence number,telephone number and nationality of the client, which are held by us for the time required by the Hellenic State's financial service. Upon the expiration of this time, these documents are destroyed.
  • The personal data of candidate clients such as name, nationality,driving licence number and telephone number with which we have not worked together and our business relationship was limited to a simple question on their part are deleted from our records at the end of each tourist season.
  • The personal data of regular and new clients such as name, nationality, driving licence number and telephone number are retained by us in order to facilitate further cooperation and for customary reasons such as wishes during Christmas or New Year or Birthdays
  • Any personal data of regular and new clients we provide, such as e-mail, name, driving license number and nationality,under no circumstances do we disclose, transfer, assign, or sell to third parties.They remain strictly in our responsibility and respect in order to facilitate our further cooperationand or for ceremonial purposes such as Christmas,new years and birthday wishes and always within the framework of legality.

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